Saturday 30th July 2016

WOD: Courtney and I – Team STAJ

Event 1 – The Helev Run 2 Rounds: P1 – 25 Medball Cleans – Hill Run P2 – 25 Medball Cleans – Hill Run Cash Out: P1 – Medball Run P2 – Medball Run This was tough Medball Cleans I managed to do in one hit, but the Hill Runs and Medball Run was a killer I went on P2).

Event 2 – Tree Snatch Ladder 4 Minute AMRAP 2-4-6-8-10-12….. Hang Snatch @40/30 So with this one we each did a set starting at 2, then 4…. We both managed to get to 10 and Courtney managed 1 more. I used 30kg Courtney RX’d.

Event 3 – The Thorpster 1000m Row 50 Thrusters @20/15 30 Syncro Burpee over Bar Courtney went first and did 500m Row, then I. Courtney did 25 Thrusters and I managed 15, then he finished them off. Burpee over Bar was really tough after the first 10, never really recovered from the row. Event 1: 15:08 Event 2: 10+1 Event 3: 8:14