Tuesday 3rd December 2017

It begins, again!

First session of 2017 and  after 3 days of doing nothing, I need it.
Warm-up – Rowling, always a good start. Managed four consistent 1s but blew it with a 4, total score of 8.

Skill / Strength: Swinging Monkey – 8 Strict Pull-ups

WOD: I initially thought this was 2 rounds, however when we started the 3rd I then realised it was 5.  I replaced 50 Double Unders with 50 Singles. The 24kg KB soon got spicy and the 2 minute rest got shorter and shorter.

img_20170103_080456 img_20170103_080500 img_20170103_080509 Screenshot_20170114-153602.png