Tuesday 7th February 2017

Skill / Strength: I had not recorded a 3RM for Power Snatch previously.  1RM was 65kg so getting 55kg for 3RM was close enough.

WOD: Went for the RX option here knowing the 3rd round would be tough.  First round was fine but held back knowing is was going to get a lot heavier 15 @ 40kg. Second round went ok but was getting tough, 7 completed @ 50kg.  Third round was a bit too much, managed 3 reps @ 60kg, but also had 3 fails.  Total score was 25 which was low but at RX was respectable (15, 7 ,3).

img_20170207_070907 img_20170207_071017 img_20170207_071021 img_20170207_071040