Sunday 7th January 2018

WOD: Angie alone in Open Gym

100 Pull-ups

100 Push-ups

100 Abmat Sit-ups

100 Air Squats

Took 9 minutes to complete Pull-ups, and a further 9 minutes for the Push-ups. Completing with a time of 28:42.


Friday 5th January 2018

Skill / Strength: E2M for 10 Minutes 2 x Power Snatch – 45,45,50,50,55kg

WOD: Forgot Whiteboard pictures.

Hero WOD Randy but with a 5 minute time cap!

Randy is 75 Power Snatches @ 35kg (normally for time)

Scaled this down to 30kg in an attempt to finish,  managed 68.


Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Skill / Strength: Strict HSPU 5 Reps with 2 x Abmats, 2 Reps with 1 x Abmat.

WOD: DB Thrusters using 2 x 15kg, Scaled Ring Dips to Hand Release Push-ups.