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Wednesday 20th December 2017

Skill / Strength: EMOM with Jim Hang Snatch with 3second hold in the catch.  Worked our way up to 50kg. Jim took the keeping bar close literally which resulted in a cut to the forehead.

WOD: Rx’d this as did Carina with both of us falling to victims of the Time Cap!




Wednesday 6th December 2017

Skill / Strength: Push Press 1RM at 80kg, well short of PR. Missed 91kg and 85kg.

WOD: So we individually rowed a single interval to establish our Maximum Watt, then multiply that by 0.8.  So 854 multiplied by 0.8 gives a score of 683.  So between Charlie, Richard, and I we each rowed a set until we fell below our 80% score. I think this was for 10 minutes.


Friday 17th November 2017

Skill / Strength: 1RM Temp Front Squat @ 90kg

WOD: Paired with Houghts, 50 Calorie Row each, split into 25 Calorie sets.   First set of T2B was 10 then broken down to smaller sets.