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Friday 10th February 2017

With a good nights sleep, I was raring to go and not my usual tired Friday.

Skill / Strength: Split and Jerk not my favourite lift, however with a 75kg 1RM under my belt it should be respectable.  Managed a couple 70kg 2RM,  these weren’t brilliant, but they count.  Lowering the bar makes this harder than 1RM.

WOD: In pairs with Che, we scaled the bar down from 50kg to 40kg.  Che starting with 2 Push Press, then syncro Burpee over Bar.  I then completed 4 PP. We then proceeded  to split the Push presses of 6, 8, 12, 14, and 16.  The Synchronised Burpee over Bar proved to be the killers.  Final Score 16 + 24 for Team Hello Sailor!


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Thursday 21st July 2016

WOD: No Skills / Strength Today Warm up consisted of Netball and the following EMOM: 30 Second Handstand 30 Second Hollow Hold 2 x Strict Press, 2 x Push Press, 2 x Split Jerk using 20kg bar following this straight in to WOD 10 Mins to Establish 1RM Strict Press – 65Kg 10 Mins to Establish 1RM Push Press – 75Kg 10 Mins to Establish 1RM Split Jerk – 65Kg




Saturday 21st May 2016

WOD: My 2nd Saturday Team WoD (always tough). Teams of 4 – My health Hut

1st Event – 3 Rounds for Time 400 Metre Run 10 Syncronised Deadlift – 100Kg

2nd Event – 12 Minute Max Weight Split Jerk – I managed 75Kg! – PR

3rd Event 100 x Wallballs 80 x Thrusters 60 x Wallballs 40 x Thurusters 20 x Wallballs ++++ Every 2 minutes 3 x Synchronised Burpees

No Pictures today as I was struggling