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Monday 15th May 2017

Skill / Strength: 2RM Bench Press at 95kg completed,  100kg proved too much although this is my 1RM PR.

WOD: Nice WOD this and RX’d it with a time of 8:20.


Wednesday 8th March 2017

Skill / Strength: I think this is the first time attempted Push Jerk, managed 5RM @ 60kg.

WOD:  A returned WOD from August 16 with similar reps. RX’d with 50 but after the first round of 15 I had to break up the remaining rounds and complete two penalty runs (7,5 and 5,4). Time 12:31.


Thursday 21st July 2016

WOD: No Skills / Strength Today Warm up consisted of Netball and the following EMOM: 30 Second Handstand 30 Second Hollow Hold 2 x Strict Press, 2 x Push Press, 2 x Split Jerk using 20kg bar following this straight in to WOD 10 Mins to Establish 1RM Strict Press – 65Kg 10 Mins to Establish 1RM Push Press – 75Kg 10 Mins to Establish 1RM Split Jerk – 65Kg